Keynote Speaking

When Screams Become Whispers


LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  In this 60 minute talk, Bob shares his battle with bipolar disorder and how the screams nearly killed him and how he now lives well within his whispering mind.

Living Well With Bipolar Disorder

BEST AUDIENCE:  Those afflicted with by bipolar disorder and their supporters.

LEARNING OBJECTIVESIn this 60 minute talk, Bob details how he lives well with bipolar disorder and how others can too.

Common Signs That Your Employee May Be Struggling With A Mental Illness

BEST AUDIENCE:  All management levels and all employees in the human resource department of an company.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  In this 90 minute talk, Bob explains the common signs for many mental illnesses and offers ways that line and senior managers could engage with human resources to offer help to their employee. This talk will hopefully lead to the individual being treated instead of terminated. 

It Sounds Like Denial, But It's Not

BEST AUDIENCE:  Individuals who are trying to support someone with bipolar disorder who denies having it.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  In this talk 45 minute, Bob explains the root cause of denial in 50% of bipolar patients. It is a little known symptom called anosognosia that disables the individual’s ability to have any insight into their illness. 

How To Easily Know If Your Love One Is Taking Their Bipolar Meds

BEST AUDIENCE:   Individuals who are trying to support someone with bipolar disorder.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  In this talk 60 minute, Bob shares five easy to recognize signs that would suggest that either the individual is not taking their medication or that the medication they are taking is not working. He suggests ways to have a peaceful conversation around this topic, that so often ends up being an argument.