Living Well With Bipolar Online Video Course 
Coming February 2021

Grounded In Evidence-Based Research

This course was created by researchers in Barcelona, Spain who found individuals who completed the course had fewer hospitalizations, fewer and less severe episodes and were were able to lead healthy, productive lives given that they now knew how to successfully manage their bipolar illness. This psychoeducation course has proven to bear the same kind of results in research studies around the world. In some studies where both the individual and their supporters received a course of study like this, the percentage of individuals who saw a remission of their symptoms nearly tripled compared to those who did not receive this type of education. 

Actual Real Life Experience

In addition to showcasing what researchers have found to be most helpful to individuals and their supporters in guiding the individual toward improved stability and well-being, Bob shares powerful insights from his own battle with bipolar disorder that likely will improve your understanding of the illness from someone with an authentic “bipolar perspective”. As someone with first-hand experience of what it is like to battle the illness and now manages to live well, despite its ongoing challenges, he is in a unique position to show others the way.

Everything you will find in our courses is grounded in evidence-based research along with insight gained through actual “lived experiences” of bipolar disorder. We know the devastation of lives torn apart by this illness – the seemingly endless relationship conflicts and family turmoil.

Countless Research Studies

The courses we offer are informed by our lay-understanding of dozens of academic research studies beginning in the mid-80’s and continuing to date that reveal connections between inadequate levels of education and poor patient outcomes in terms of worsening symptoms and shorter periods of time to relapse into full blown manic or depressive episodes.

Please keep in mind that Bob is not a doctor, psychologist, clinical researcher or licensed health care professionals and this website and courses are not intended to be a substitute for clinical care.  Indeed, all the valuable insight and progress identified above depend upon strong working relationships with doctors, psychologists, or other licensed health care professionals.

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